POSTED BY: Gina Louise

What a fun weekend at Mozingo! I expect to see lots of pictures from the weekend up on this blog, please! I'll put a few up here if you will. Ok? Also, tell us what your favorite moment was from this weekend. My favorite moment took place late Friday night at the campsite. Kev and I woke up because we heard strong winds moving in and the rain fly needed to be zipped up. Once Kev got everything secured and got back into the tent, I lay quietly listening. In addition to the wind moving through the trees, I heard a humming noise getting ever louder with each passing second. I tried and tried to discern what this noise was, but didn't figure out until the first raindrop plopped on our fly. The noise I heard was the front of the storm moving across the water, approaching our campsite. It was an ominous, yet beautiful noise. And the rain was enormous and quick, and the next day was beautiful.

Love yas.


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