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What a fun weekend at Mozingo! I expect to see lots of pictures from the weekend up on this blog, please! I'll put a few up here if you will. Ok? Also, tell us what your favorite moment was from this weekend. My favorite moment took place late Friday night at the campsite. Kev and I woke up because we heard strong winds moving in and the rain fly needed to be zipped up. Once Kev got everything secured and got back into the tent, I lay quietly listening. In addition to the wind moving through the trees, I heard a humming noise getting ever louder with each passing second. I tried and tried to discern what this noise was, but didn't figure out until the first raindrop plopped on our fly. The noise I heard was the front of the storm moving across the water, approaching our campsite. It was an ominous, yet beautiful noise. And the rain was enormous and quick, and the next day was beautiful.

Love yas.


Here's a little teaser from Dan & Amie's wedding.

More pictures coming soon.

Congratulations, Dan & Amie!


First, Kevin & Florella's Joint 2009 Resolutions/Goals:
1. BUDGET--Short and long term finances...tackle our enormous debt.
2. CLEAN--We've done a lot of work on the house since we've moved in (it was pretty gross before), and especially after all the recent plumbing, it's time to pick up the aftermath. I'll post "post" pics sometime, but it'd be better if you came and saw it in person. (Nudge, nudge!)
3. GET FIT--Lose weight by sticking to a workout regime. Simple as that. It's just the "getting started" part that's hard...
4. EAT WELL--We're both veg-folk so "bad" food is usually cut out by default. However, I could do better by replacing sweets with more fruit, yogurt and dark chocolate (in moderation); and Kev could do better by backing off his love affair with cheese & potatoes--I swear, it's like I'm not even in the room. The biggest challenge: replacing coffee with green tea. I've been incorporating it slowly, but sometimes I crack. Baby steps, baby steps...
5. QUALITY TIME--Go on dates, like, once in a blue moon! I think it's more a matter of setting aside time (and $, of course) to spend together that does not include the couch or an episode of LOST or King of Queens.
6. PUPPY TIME--Spend more time training Maki. Even though he's huge now, he's still a puppy and acts like one. So far he knows how to sit, lay down, shake, wave, and he plays dead when you point your finger at him and yell "Bang!" Now, if we can just teach him "Chill"...
7. GROW--Read more. Since the move and many unfruitful attempts to find a job in my field (given all the company closings, layoffs, etc.), I've pretty much unplugged and focused on the move, the house, organizing and trying to meet day-to-day needs. Perhaps this one will happen in time.
8. FUN--Dare I say it. Sometimes a dose of fun can be healthy in the middle of a slump! Kevin is going to start riding his bike to school again as the weather warms up and I'd like to one day take dance lessons. If you're going to exercise, you may as well look silly doing it! Maybe this will finally be the year...
9. GET MARRIED--It would be so nice to spend time planning our wedding, especially since we've announced our engagement to everyone. At times, I do look at dresses/dress patterns, magazine pictures of other couples' ceremonies, even chapels/venues and we do talk about it once in awhile. Unfortunately, it is just too early for us to truly entertain the thought; we must crawl out of the $ hole first. Plus, Kev has family on both coasts who all insist on being at the wedding, so the question of WHERE to have it, is a big one. (His grandparents are flying from Arizona to visit next month, after hearing the news. I can't wait to meet them!) After Kevin graduates in August and after I (fingers crossed) find a Communications job in this town, then we can develop more concrete plans. Until then, it will simply remain as "#9"...

Next, Sarah's questionnaire:
1. When I lived in San Diego, waiting for residency to attend UCSD, I worked as a barista (coffee wench) at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla. I learned that making coffee for "brilliant scientists" is a lot like making coffee for regular folks. I was offered a bartending job at the VFW across the street from my apartment, but decided that making drinks for heroic veterans would probably be a lot like making drinks for brilliant scientists. Having learned my lesson, I decided to take a camp counselor position at the YMCA instead. I worked with over 64 children, daily--who overpowered me, daily. As their music/dance/arts coordinator, my K-12 kids developed the most creative ways of undermining my authority. No, they were really very sweet and full of (mostly) positive energy. It was truly the best job I have ever had. Didn't pay crap, but...
2. Honestly, this is a very personal one, but would be happy to tell you in person some day!
3. Chocolate. Hands down. I am sticking to little pieces of dark choc. only these days.
4. My strength...and YOU, who are reading this!
5. I am a piano woman. Always have been, always will be. Kevin just bought me a beautiful new piece to learn by my fave composer, Chopin. I'm so rusty though--it's been a long time. Hopefully I won't butcher it.
6. Pay hospital bills at collections. Sad, sad reality...
7. Like Grandma, I love landscapes--especially the real ones. It doesn't get much better than that. In terms of 2-D, though, probably photography. My favorite photographer is Jim Nachtwey; all of his photo essays are amazing. (I should mention that having interned at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in KC, I was privy to some of the most beautiful and priceless artwork in the world. One of my faves was the giant classic Water Lillies or "Nympheas" by Claude delicate and peaceful. If you'd like to read my work during that time on the Nelson blog, click here!)
8. Hmmm...the Philippines, Canada, Mexico, every US state except DE, MD, WA, OR, AK & HI. I was only three-years-old, but the most influential would have to be the Philippines; it's half of my heritage, my story...who I am!
9. Again, hmmm...I don't know that I 'have' to go anywhere. Home is definitely where your heart is. But if I could go anywhere and cost were not an issue, it would probably be the Philippines again, now that I'm older. I think it would be a much more meaningful experience this time.
10. These are good questions. 'Influenced me most in life so far'...definitely my mother, father, sis and almost all of OUR FAMILY, one of my old piano teachers, a couple of memorable professors, my dear friend Kelly (RIP), my great friend Laszlo, and my fiance Kevin! There are actually so many more who have touched my life in a special way and from whom I have learned something meaningful. I guess that means I've been blessed...

Okay, Sarah. Your turn!


Ok, I think I goofed up my first blog. (what a surprise NOT). I answered Sara-bear's questions, but then I deleted them. But, I guess we can go back and see what the questions are. If everyone answers there questions, then they will know where I'm coming from. I cointenly don't know. If you see someone running around lost out there in blogland, you'll know who it is. Later

1. I was really scared of the dark when I was young. I mean teenager young. I had taken up that wonderful habit of smoking. My grandmother lived right next door. I could be over her house in about 15 steps, depending how big of steps I took. Well Mom did not know I smoked, so I would go to grandmas and sneak a cigarette. Of course it was nightime, and I had to wait until mom went to bed. Well, there happened to be a smokehouse between our two houses. Really close. And I had a very vivid imagination , and everytime I left my doorway. I would take off running like crazy. I just knew that someone was going to jump out of that smokehouse and grab me. By the time I got to grandma's door, I almose tore her door down. It probably took only 15 seconds, to get there but I thought it was forever. But the fear never stopped me from going over there . The things I wouldn't do for a smoke. And dear grandma, she never told mom about me or Evelyn. She lived by herself, and I think she would do about anything for our company. 2. I never did the goal thing. I don't think people knew what a "goal" was. I can see now it would have been a good thing. Maybe next time around. 3. SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR. I try but I always cave in. 4. MY WHOLE FAMILY 5. My soap, and candles. Would like to get back to my painting, but I waste too much time doing other things. 6. Have someone re-do my cabinets. Because I'm afraid I will goof them up. 7. I like landscapes with beautiful skies. I don't like art that you have to stand on your head trying to figure out what it is. 8. ALASKA, Calif. Mexico, Florida, Arizona, Pa.- - Alaska, because it was from our beautiful family. Thanks again everyone. 9. I don't think there is any place I feel like I have to go to. I kind of like home. 10. Sorry but I can't answer that I'm not very easily influenced...I probably should have waited to answer this one when it wasn't so late. Okay Sara-bear, here is your answers. Love ya ...........


So I've been told that this blog is to help keep the family connected as well as let us learn about each others personal lives a bit more.. what we do, what we're interested in and not, our art, etc...

Well, instead of writing my first post on here about myself, I'd rather submit to ask and get to know a little more about another with this questionnaire I've created....

This questionnaire is for the next person who reads this and is willing to answer ALL the questions fully and truthfully in their next blog post. (and of course, more than one person can complete the questions, which is preferable anyway!)

Here it goes...

1. What is one thing you're absolutely sure that I don't know about you?--(it could be a story, something from your younger years, something you're afraid of, etc.)

2. Tell me about a goal you have in life that you have not yet completed, but wish to some day, no matter what, accomplish.. and tell me what drives you to accomplish it.

3. What foods would you never give up, even if you knew what horrible things were in them or how they could affect your health negatively?

4. What is one thing about yourself that you can't help but be openly proud of?

5. What are your hobbies? What hobbies do you want to start or continue?

6. If you were given 5,000 at random tomorrow, what would you do with the money and why?

7. What is your favorite style of art?-- and can you name an example piece of artwork or artist?

8. Where are all the places you've travel to so far in your life?-- which one has been the most influential?

9. Where is one place you have to go to before you die, no matter what the costs? --and why do you want to go there?

10. Who has influenced you most in life so far? (name at least 1-5 people).

With much appreciation and love,

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