1. I was really scared of the dark when I was young. I mean teenager young. I had taken up that wonderful habit of smoking. My grandmother lived right next door. I could be over her house in about 15 steps, depending how big of steps I took. Well Mom did not know I smoked, so I would go to grandmas and sneak a cigarette. Of course it was nightime, and I had to wait until mom went to bed. Well, there happened to be a smokehouse between our two houses. Really close. And I had a very vivid imagination , and everytime I left my doorway. I would take off running like crazy. I just knew that someone was going to jump out of that smokehouse and grab me. By the time I got to grandma's door, I almose tore her door down. It probably took only 15 seconds, to get there but I thought it was forever. But the fear never stopped me from going over there . The things I wouldn't do for a smoke. And dear grandma, she never told mom about me or Evelyn. She lived by herself, and I think she would do about anything for our company. 2. I never did the goal thing. I don't think people knew what a "goal" was. I can see now it would have been a good thing. Maybe next time around. 3. SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR. I try but I always cave in. 4. MY WHOLE FAMILY 5. My soap, and candles. Would like to get back to my painting, but I waste too much time doing other things. 6. Have someone re-do my cabinets. Because I'm afraid I will goof them up. 7. I like landscapes with beautiful skies. I don't like art that you have to stand on your head trying to figure out what it is. 8. ALASKA, Calif. Mexico, Florida, Arizona, Pa.- - Alaska, because it was from our beautiful family. Thanks again everyone. 9. I don't think there is any place I feel like I have to go to. I kind of like home. 10. Sorry but I can't answer that I'm not very easily influenced...I probably should have waited to answer this one when it wasn't so late. Okay Sara-bear, here is your answers. Love ya ...........


  1. GINA and KEV said...
    Yay, Momma! You figured it out! I love your answers and I love you too!
    The Fam said...
    Grandma, I love your opening story! I can imagine it as if I were there...and I still scare myself sometimes, too!


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