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So I've been told that this blog is to help keep the family connected as well as let us learn about each others personal lives a bit more.. what we do, what we're interested in and not, our art, etc...

Well, instead of writing my first post on here about myself, I'd rather submit to ask and get to know a little more about another with this questionnaire I've created....

This questionnaire is for the next person who reads this and is willing to answer ALL the questions fully and truthfully in their next blog post. (and of course, more than one person can complete the questions, which is preferable anyway!)

Here it goes...

1. What is one thing you're absolutely sure that I don't know about you?--(it could be a story, something from your younger years, something you're afraid of, etc.)

2. Tell me about a goal you have in life that you have not yet completed, but wish to some day, no matter what, accomplish.. and tell me what drives you to accomplish it.

3. What foods would you never give up, even if you knew what horrible things were in them or how they could affect your health negatively?

4. What is one thing about yourself that you can't help but be openly proud of?

5. What are your hobbies? What hobbies do you want to start or continue?

6. If you were given 5,000 at random tomorrow, what would you do with the money and why?

7. What is your favorite style of art?-- and can you name an example piece of artwork or artist?

8. Where are all the places you've travel to so far in your life?-- which one has been the most influential?

9. Where is one place you have to go to before you die, no matter what the costs? --and why do you want to go there?

10. Who has influenced you most in life so far? (name at least 1-5 people).

With much appreciation and love,


  1. GINA and KEV said...
    OOOOooooo.. I like these questions. I can't wait to read what people say!
    The Fam said...
    You're included in this too, Gina. GET AT IT EVERYONE!

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